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User_BobD_PageHeaderBob Delbridge is a retired Combat Systems Test Director for the Navy who led a team of technicians to test electronics on combat ships. When not playing golf, Bob runs O scale steam engines. His BlueRail board is installed in a Weaver RS3 with a Norfolk and Western paint scheme running Dead Rail. He uses 2000Mah, 9.6v NiMh and 2200Mah, 11.1v LiPo battery packs. Bob’s home videos show some great switcher slow speed operation (and a curious cat).

In keeping with his Navy training, Bob has documented some great data:

Bob DellBridgeTest engine is a Weaver RS3 with traction tires on one axle. Motor is a Pittman 8514. 4 LEDs are installed, 2 at each end of engine (dual lights).

Used 5 Boxcars and a Caboose. Here’s the consist:

Weaver RS3 N&W #306 – weight 33.0 oz
Atlas Boxcar SAL #17388 – weight 19.2 oz
Atlas Boxcar GN #18748 – weight 18.9 oz
Atlas Boxcar A&D 2272 – weight 18.5 oz
Atlas Boxcar N&W 120055 – weight 17.7 oz
MTH Caboose N&W 500833 – weight 13.6 oz

TOTAL weight – 139.3 oz or 8.7 pounds

BlueRail Blue Horse circuit board install, using a 2000Mah 9.6v NiMh battery pack from All-Battery, fully charged.

Layout is approx 12’x12’ loop, with 3-rail track. The center rail is removed, making the layout a 2-rail layout but using 3-rail wheelsets on all engines and cars. Maximum grade is approx 2%, undulating grade. The curves are 072 (36” radius) and the overall length of the loop is 1/3 mile (calculated from using the MTH DCS system which has an odometer built-in).

Used Ipad Air, fully charged, with BlueRail App installed.

App settings were:
Freight setting
75% throttle
ACC/DEC – 255
1st Speed Step – 1
Start Voltage – 1.2v

RESULTS (75% Throttle)

Ran train NON-STOP for 2hrs 45mins.

Top speed was 27.7 scale miles per hour.

At 2hrs 15mins loco speed was measured at 27.7 smph.

At 2hrs 30mins loco speed was measured at 18.5 smph.

At 2hrs 45mins loco slowed down then stopped.

RESULTS (100% Throttle)

Ran train NON-STOP for 2hrs.

Top speed was 32.7 smph.

At 2hrs 15mins loco speed decreased to 29.3 smph.

That’s only 7 minutes shorter run time than at 75% throttle setting, but 5smph faster.

This curious cat makes an appearance in the video at the 1:16 mark.

Although the BlueRail board drives the loco motor at 16 kHz (well beyond human hearing range) cat’s can hear up to the 64 kHz range, making them keenly aware of subtle changes in loco speed.