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Wireless control from any bluetoothLE capable device.

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Please read our FAQ for details on Bluetooth Smart train control.

A Simple direct way to operate a train with a smartphone or tablet.

The BlueRail Trains are the first model trains that can be controlled by a smartphone without any additional equipment. There is no configuration involved, you simply download an app to your BlueTooth4 enabled smartphone. When you launch the app you will see your train listed, touch to connect, then drive your train.

Realistic operation, wireless, and touch control.

Bluetooth Smart offers DCC-like control without additional equipment or complicated CV variable programming. Signals are sent directly to your train with bi-directional communication over 100 ft. New features become available through app updates and wireless firmware updates. BlueRail boards come with an expansion port to support future onboard sound options and connection points for Dead Rail operation.

Added gameplay and user experience through downloadable games and apps.

In addition to being model railroaders, we at BlueRail Trains are experienced game developers and invented this device in part for the games and applications we are creating to go along with it. So in addition to being an excellent way to run model trains, you can look forward to applications that allow you to enjoy your train in new ways.

Works on any track system (standard or DCC).

The BlueRail System works on any track system (standard or DCC) and can be implemented in any train with a DC can motor. The system is fully compatible with Bachmann E-Z app train control. We will release boards in various dimensions suitable for locos of all scales. The BlueRail System is a low-cost way to make a model train operate realistically and wirelessly (like a DCC system) with the added benefit of smartphone control and downloadable apps for enhanced user experience and gameplay.

No additional equipment required.

There is no special equipment required to operate a BlueRail train. You must have a track that is receiving power and a Bluetooth4 enabled smartphone or tablet. A list of qualifying Bluetooth Smart devices is maintained here: bluetooth list

If you want your trains to run wirelessly with smartphone control just add
a BlueRail board.