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Games vs Trains

Once upon a time a train was the coolest thing you could have. Somewhere after 1970 the fast paced world traded in it's love of trains for a love of handheld devices. Games beat trains. Wireless controllers for trains have been available for some time, but it generally involves purchasing and building a DCC system which can be costly and more technically involved than most people care to pursue. For this reason remote train operation has become more of an expensive hobby for the diehard enthusiast. Fast forward to today: Wireless and Bluetooth technology have come a long way in the last few years. Technology, which once killed the train, is offering it a second chance. Use modern low-cost solutions to connect trains directly to handheld devices and let the games begin.

BlueRail Trains is a small team of game developers, electrical engineers and programmers with a background in games, high-tech toys and robotics, breathing new life into the great American pastime of model railroading.

All the fun (+ smartphone control and apps) without the cost and complexity.

Setting up a DCC train: BlueRailTrains Comic1

Setting up BlueRail Trains: BlueRailTrains Comic2

BlueRail Trains require no extra equipment, very little setup or configuration, and allow you to enjoy your train in new ways.

Who is this for?

Whether you are an avid model railroader or someone who just loves games and high-tech, you are sure to enjoy having one of these. Bluetooth trains can be controlled at distances of 170 feet and offer a world of new ways to have fun with model trains. Bachmann's EZ-App trains will be available as early as the summer of 2015 (Available on BachmannTrains.com).

BlueRail will focus on creating Bluetooth Smart solutions for existing DCC-ready trains (Available on BlueRailTrains.com).

You must have a bluetooth smart ready device (smartphone, tablet etc.). The train will operate on any standard or DCC track.

Please contact us if you are interested in our BlueRail Trains System.