About BlueRail

BlueRail plugin boardsBlueRail is a model train technology company with expertise in interface design, software development, and firmware that brings state-of-the-art smartphone control to model railroading.  BlueRail partners with existing established experts within the hobby to bring model railroaders the interface and level of control they deserve.  As devout hobbyists ourselves, we appreciate the history of DCC – the pioneers of its development, and the challenges that have resulted in a system some consider behind the times.  BlueRail has spent years applying our expertise to build a bridge between DCC and the modern smartphone so users can enjoy their trains and all the best features without the headache and complexity often associated with the standard.  Modern sound decoders have incredible sound libraries, and are state-of-the-art multi-channel polyphonic playback systems with hundreds of customizable settings and realistic behaviors expertly developed over decades, that have been waiting for a control interface so they can be enjoyed to their fullest potential. BlueRail has dedicated itself to providing that interface, and we believe hobbyists (and new comers alike) will be thrilled by the latest products we have been co-developing with some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.