What Is Blunami?

BlueRail has partnered with SoundTraxx on a new product called Blunami. What is this new product?

SoundTraxx has been making DCC decoders for 30+ years, and has amassed a huge library of locomotive sounds and train behavior code that makes them an industry leader in DCC decoders for model trains. The sounds, lighting fx, and behaviors can be found in their award winning and very popular Tsunami2 decoder. This product has more than 300 customizable feature controls which are typically managed with CV variables using a cab controller or via JMRI.

The new Blunami operates exactly as a Tsunami2, but has been additionally equipped with a bluetooth chip that allows for direct bi-directional control using the Blunami app on any iOS smart device.

The Blunami app provides a direct interface to all of Blunami’s 300+ features, which may be easily customized with sliders and pulldown menus (or by editing CVs). SoundTraxx fans will be pleased that they may never have to consult a CV manual again or deal with JMRI driver installation issues (or even a program track) to adjust their decoder settings.

The Blunami works like any Tsunami2 in that it can be controlled by a standard DCC system (for both train control and programming).

As a bonus, Blunami does not require a DCC system, and may be operated on standard DC track or powered by battery and controlled via the app.

Using the Blunami app, all CV edits and reads may be performed while operating your loco and do not require a programming track. A full inquiry of all CVs in a Blunami can be performed in less than 5 seconds (something that can take up to 10 minutes with JMRI on a programming track).

Blunami equipped locomotives can function in standard DCC consisting, but may also be consisted with other Blunami equipped locomotives using BlueRail’s built-in consisting which is a feature of the Blunami app (full-featured and easy to use).

Blunami is designed with a few target audiences in mind: experienced DCC users who would like full direct access to CV customization (without using a programming track or JMRI), casual hobbyists who want full train control without having to learn DCC (or own DCC equipment), as well as users interested in battery power.

The bluetooth used in Blunami should not be confused with limited range classic bluetooth, and allows for control of as many Blunami locos as you may care to use, with great range, and without fear of interference from other users. Blunami’s superior range and connection strength may be attributed to careful BT module and antenna implementation and associated firmware, and should not be confused with shorter range products developed by other manufacturers that you may be aware of.

For more information on Blunami boards, please visit

Minimum requirements for iOS app:

iPhone (6s and newer)
iPad (5th generation and newer)
iPad Air (all)
iPad mini (2 and newer)
iPad Pro (all)
iPod Touch (6th generation and newer)
Mac (OS11 or newer)
Mac with M1 chip (all)