Android Bug list

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Train Control
Control multiple trains
Basic light control
Extended light panel (for configuring and operating all lights)
Directional lighting
Extended sound panel (for configuring and operating all sounds)
Motor fine tuning settings
Advanced Tuning Panel
Firmware Updates
Multi-Train Screen
Final Chuff/Prime mover sound
Automatic Reconnect (following loss of power)


General connectivity cleanup required
Problems on Samsung Galaxy 5 clicking “standard” button
Correct crash when brand new E-Z Apps enter “settings” screen
Horn latency
App doesn’t alert you if bluetooth is turned off
Throttle moves and stretches when you first enter Train Control
Throttle sounds are pitch shifted (temp audio)
Throttle audio may not reflect speed (temp audio)
Stop-All issue when operating 3 trains
Occasional unresponsive loco when operating multiple trains
If you experience any connection problems (or loco is unresponsive), try one of these:
1-Restart app
2-Power cycle loco
3-Turn bluetooth on/off in your settings

Make sure your devices is updated to the latest version of Android. Please read THIS SUPPORT ARTICLE

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CRASH REPORTS One of the most valuable tools in Android development is the built-in “Crash reports”. If you experience a “crash” while running the BlueRail Android Beta, your are generally given two options: “Close” and “Report”. Please choose “Report” and add a sentence or two in the space provided to tell us what led up to the crash. This report is sent immediately to us and gives us valuable insight on what caused the crash, and allow us to fix the problem in the next app update.