Latest News

The first BlueRail board has released. We are very pleased with the feedback we have received from our customers who have installed their boards. Please use the “Buy Now” link to purchase a board.

BlueRail has recently added Consisting and Speed Matching to our iOS app (coming to Android). Please check it out in this video:

Please visit our User Showcase to see what some people have done with their boards.


BlueRail Android BlueRail Android is live in the Google Play store.

The app is almost up to speed with iOS. Chuff-rate Calibration and Consisting have not been added to Android yet.


It is very important when using Android (or iOS) to run bluetooth trains that you update your device to the latest software available for your model. Please refer to THIS ARTICLE about how to update your device to the latest version of Android.

CRASH REPORTS One of the most valuable tools in Android development is the built-in “Crash reports”. If you experience a “crash” while running the BlueRail Android Beta, your are generally given two options: “Close” and “Report”. Please choose “Report” and add a sentence or two in the space provided to tell us what led up to the crash. This report is sent immediately to us and gives us valuable insight on what caused the crash, and allow us to fix the problem in the next app update.