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Hello from BlueRail,

BlueRail has been in low key development with a manufacturer on a next-generation train control product. We have been collaborating on a train control product that combines the ease-of-use benefits of direct bi-directional smartphone control that BlueRail has developed with the great onboard sound and functionality depth found in DCC decoders developed over the last 25 years – freeing users from the complexities of CV editing and allowing them to choose how they power their locomotives (transformer/DCC/battery). Development has taken longer than anticipated, but significant milestones have been reached and we are close to our goal.

The manufacturer doesn’t want public inquiries, and confidentiality is required until an accurate estimated availability date is reached, at which point an announcement will be made. The best way to stay informed on the project progress is to add yourself to the BlueRail mailing list using the “CONTACT” link above. To manage confidentiality, we will be releasing information as it is available through this email group (rather than through press releases, website or facebook).

If you are able to, we have a brief survey we have put together to help us and the manufacturer anticipate customer needs for the product(s) being developed. If you have a minute to complete this survey, your input would be valuable:

BlueRail March 2019 Survey

You may share this survey with any friends that might also be interested. It helps us making the product you want.

We are extremely grateful to the hobbyisits who have supported us on this mission to simplify and modernize the technology of DCC train control, and feel the next product will be the right solution. Our list of interested hobbyists has grown (thousands – with more being added each day) which is a testament to that model railroad community is thriving. BlueRail will have a large workload to focus on in the next couple of months. We love contact with our users, but please limit any in-depth questions, so we can focus our resources on making great control software.

These boards will NOT be sold by BlueRail, but they will contain BlueRail technology.

Thank you for your continued support. Please expect email updates as information becomes available (or check our website and/or facebook page).

David Rees
BlueRail Trains

Follow Up 3/20/19
Survey participation has been terrific, thank you very much for the input (and keep it coming). Here are a few things we have learned from the survey so far (and previous interactions) that people want in model train control products:

-Small form factor
– onboard loco-specific sound (as well as non-sound boards)
– options for DCC, DC and battery power
– DCC compatibility
– a wide range of amperage support
– a surprisingly high number of requests for AC support

There were also a lot of good “write in” responses in the “OTHER” fields. Thank you to those that have taken the survey. We appreciate additional input from those who haven’t yet.