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Hello from BlueRail,

It has been 2 years since Bachmann released its EZ App trains, and 18 months since the Blue-Horse plugin board released, so it is kind of our birthday. It is great to know thousands of people are enjoying direct bluetooth train control. We are down to our last 75 blue-horse boards in stock.

BlueRail has been collaborating on development of a next generation product. Because this is a collaboration, we are not permitted to reveal details until a product announcement is made. But I can say it is the best train control technology I can imagine, the prototype works great, and I think it’s going to make a lot of people happy. The control app will remain compatible with the current BlueRail boards, so no concerns for obsolescence.

Your feedback and support has been invaluable in getting it right. Feedback we’ve received include desire for a small form factor, onboard high-end sound, support for various amperages, DCC compatibility, and continued DeadRail support. All of these have been taken into account. Thank you very much for your help in guiding the development process of direct train control.

Dave Rees
BlueRail Trains





The first BlueRail board has released. We are very pleased with the feedback we have received from our customers who have installed their boards. Please use the “Buy Now” link to purchase a board.

BlueRail has recently added Consisting and Speed Matching to our iOS app. Please check it out in this video:

Please visit our User Showcase to see what some people have done with their boards.

Please add you loco to our Loco Database – a database of locos the Blue Horse has been installed in.


BlueRail Android BlueRail Android is live in the Google Play store.