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Installation and Use of BlueRail boards

• Details About First Board

• BlueRail Userguide

• BlueRail Board Installation Guide

• How to Upgrade to the Latest Software on your Smart Device

• Testing Motor Stall Current

• Isolating Motor from Frame

• Using 8-pin Connectors

• Tuning Locos and the Advanced Tuning Panel

• Turning off Back-EMF in BlueRail and EZ App

• Running BlueRail on 3-Rail AC Track Power

• Using a BlueRail board to run DC trains and lights on a conventional train set

• Wiring codes on Bachmann boards (M,L,R,B)

• Controlling Kadee® Servo Controllers with a BlueRail board


• Sound Issues in iOS

• Unable to Connect to Train/Board

Battery Power

• Battery Operation Connection Diagrams

• Dead Rail Kit Video and Details

• Information on Charging Batteries

• Charging from the Rails

• Why Shipping Batteries Overseas is an Issue

General Articles

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