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Soldering Battery Leads to a BlueRail board

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Video tutorial on how to solder battery leads to a BlueRail board. BlueRail does not recommend soldering your own loads unless you are an expert solderer (it is easy to damage the board if you make a mistake – boards are available with wires pre-soldered in place). This video demonstrates the best way to solder the wires.

Consisting and Speed Matching with BlueRail

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This video demonstrates Speed Matching and Consisting currently available in iOS (coming to Android). Now you can easily and accurately speed match your locos as you run them on the tracks. Works with all BlueRail and E-Z App trains.

Slow speed operation with BlueRail app

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This video demonstrates slow speed operation on bluetooth locos using the BlueRail app.

BlueRail Trains – Running a conventional train and layout lighting with a BlueRail board

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Demonstration of using a BlueRail plugin board to power a conventional train set and control layout lighting or accessories.

BlueRail Trains – Using Ditch lights with the BlueRail App

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BlueRail’s app offers a simple intuitive interface for configuring and using Ditch Lights with your BlueRail plugin board.

BlueRail Trains – Chuff Rate Calibration Screen

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BlueRail’s “Chuff Rate Calibration” screen allows you to easily adjust loco chuff sounds to match loco speed at various speed steps.

To access this screen: set sound scheme to “steam” in settings, go to Train Control screen, swipe open sound panel (upper right), bring panel all the way out, click “Chuff rate” button at bottom right of panel (beneath volume sliders).

BlueRail Trains – Battery Operation and Dead Rail kit

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A closeup look at BlueRail Trains bluetooth low-energy plug-in board which works well with track power or battery power. The Dead Rail plug-and-play is easily installed in a loco for battery power operation or battery assist (on dirty track). Kit includes bluetooth board, protected lithium battery, magnetic reed switch and 9/8 pin harness, ready to plug into any DCC-Ready train.

Article about BlueRail DeadRail kit

Buy BlueRail Dead Rail kit

BlueRail Trains – Using a BlueRail board to control Loco or Layout lights & accessories

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This video demonstrates using a BlueRail plugin board to control loco lights, layout lights, sounds, and accessories.

BlueRail Trains – Running a Bluetooth Train with Android

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Running a train with a BlueRail plugin board using Android. Beta version of BlueRail Android app available now in Google Play Store.

Bachmann Trains – E-Z App™ Train Control

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Bachmann’s E-Z App™ bluetooth smart trains are available now. These smart trains support wireless firmware updates, can be controlled from over 100 ft, and require no special equipment to operate (other than power and a smart device). This pairing of a traditional toy (like trains) with high-tech touch devices makes trains accessible again to young and old, and creates a new platform for games and user experiences that work in conjunction with model trains. The iOS app is compatible with MFI approved game controllers. Visit to see all E-Z App™ products.