BlueRailDCC by Tam Valley

Introducing BlueRailDCC by Tam Valley


BlueRailDCC board available in 2amp and 5amp versions
Controls a DCC decoder with the BlueRail app. Also works in “basic mode” (motor/light control – no decoder required)


  • Directly Control any DCC decoder with your smart device

  • Trigger all functions and Read/Write CVs

  • Can also directly control any loco (motor/lights) – no decoder required

  • Compact form factor: available in 2amp and 5 amp versions

  • Use the power supply of your choice (track power/DCC/battery)

  • 100′ range (using integrate antenna) 200′ range (external antenna version)

  • Works with any iOS device (see recommendations below)

  • Control multiple trains with a single device

  • Built-in consisting and speed-matching

  • Available now at and retailers near you

Here are some minimum devices we recommend:

iPhone 6s Plus (or newer)
iPad Mini 2 (or newer)
iPad 4th generation (or newer)
iPod Touch, 6th generation (or newer)

Please read our ONLINE USERGUIDE for all details about these boards.

The board (which may be powered by battery or track power) sends control signals to a DCC decoder which in turn can control speed, direction, sound/light functions and can read and write CVs using an intuitive interface (without the need for a programming track or additional equipment).

Boards with the integrated antenna have a tested range of 75 feet. A variation of the board that supports a u.fl antenna is available with a tested range of 150 feet. This allows for a stronger signal in all areas of your layout, and can be positioned as desired.

The board is available in 2 sizes:

5 AMP 3 AMP 2.75″ 1.35″
2 AMP 1.5 AMP 1.5″ .57″

These boards are controlled by the free BlueRail Trains app.

MSRP Pricing is as follows:

5 amp board: $140
5 amp w/ antenna support: $150
2 amp board: $95
2 amp w/ antenna support: $105

CLICK HERE to purchase a board.