Why is shipping batteries overseas an issue?

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One might wonder why shipping batteries between countries has become such an issue. Recent incidences involving batteries (fires and explosions) have resulted in restrictions in the international shipping of batteries. Batteries for running model trains are fairly small and less hazardous, but are still subject to shipping restrictions. The shipping of individual batteries (not directly connected to the product intended for use) are heavily restricted, so like most other merchants, BlueRail is unable to ship individual Li-PO batteries internationally.

Under strict guidelines, a battery may be shipped internationally IF it is safely connected to the product intended for use. So products (like the BlueRail DeadRail kit) which contain a rechargeable battery can be shipped internationally, understanding that it will be categorized as “dangerous goods” and subject to customs inspection (and possible associated delays).

In order to provide good customer service, a merchant who sells a battery-operated product should be prepared to ship a replacement battery (should that ever be required in the future). Unfortunately, the shipment of individual batteries is not possible (through standard post). For this reason, most merchants (including BlueRail) are hesitant to send battery products through the mail between countries (understanding that they may get bogged down in customs, and/or potentially result in poor customer service experiences should replacement batteries ever be needed).

Battery-powered model train control products (like BlueRail) are popular in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand. The best solution for DeadRail hobbyists (outside the US) is to find a local source of rechargeable batteries in your area (to avoid international battery shipping issues). BlueRail sells Battery-Power boards (without batteries) to all the regions listed, to which you may connect any appropriate battery. Please consider all safety and quality issues when choosing a rechargeable battery for your train control needs.

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