Wiring directly to a Bachmann loco (R, M+, L-, B+, L+, B-, M-, L)

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The BlueRail board can be used as a plugin board (plugging into a DCC-Ready port) or as a complete replacement PNP board. Sometimes when putting the BlueRail board into a tight place, it is preferable to remove the old board to make space for the BlueRail board. On Bachmann boards, each wire usually has a letter code where it is soldered to the board. Here is a list of some of the letter codes to help you determine what each wire leads to:

Letter Code Purpose NMRA wire color
R Right Rail (+) Red
L Left Rail (-) Black
M+ Motor positive Orange
M- Motor negative Grey
L+ Light positive Blue
L- Light negative White, Yellow, Green or Violet
B+ Battery positive
B- Battery negative

Once you have identified each wire, simply connect them to the color-coded wire on the 9-pin harness as in this diagram:

BlueHorse datasheet - small